Radical Republicans at it again

I commented yesterday on the article in the NY Times by Maureen Dowd –

Ghastly Outdated Party, Published: February 25, 2012   

The article condemned the “barking mad” Republicans and how some of the more rational Rs are beginning to see that the road the presidential candidates are on could take the Rs back to a political minority. They could be right, and I for one, hope so with all my left wing heart.

 My published comment follows. It received 116 recommends and ranked about 38 out of 368 comments.

 Lallen 56 wrote on Feb 25, 2012:

“Just when I think the repubs have done the worst they can do, they do something even more slimy than before.

Sick Rantorum (not a typo) may be the most extreme, but they are all dangerous men under the thrall of power and money and a narrow ideology proven to bring more misery and poverty. With Sick R. you have the added paranoia of religious extremism which would only compound the misery and poverty.

 Getting money out of politics is rapidly becoming the most important issue for the next administration, hopefully Obama’s next four years. The rightwing has been chipping away at our democracy since 1971 when Lewis Powell wrote his infamous letter the to the US Chamber of Commerce.

The right took his advice, poured money into the effort, formed think tanks and started the lies and propaganda flowing through the media, education, and religions. After 40 years of it, the efficacy of their methods has reached its peak, but with that has come an awful stink. Maybe this is the point of diminishing returns and just maybe this is the time to shove the plutocracy out the door.

Monied interests want to own this country and we have to stop them. Turn back Citizens United, reduce or eliminate lobbying, make elections public, take away tax breaks and loopholes, and balance the scales. It was balanced before 1971. It can be again, but definitely not with Repubs in charge.”

End of my comment.

This next comment says a lot about how people like Sick Rantorum could win. I don’t know the identity of the writer, but he/she goes by Thomas Payne.

Thomas Payne, Cornelius wrote on Feb 25, 2012

WARNING: The republican party, unified and acting in a purposeful and organized manner as directed by ALEC, may have already disenfranchised enough voters to guarantee that whomever they nominate will will (win) the election.

 REMEMBER: It is not the popular vote that is counted. It is the votes of the Electoral College. If they win enough swing states they will win the election.

 They have passed laws specifically aimed at blocking likely Obama voters from the ballot box. Do not be distracted by issues and arguments. They don’t matter. What matters is restrictive Voter ID laws, restrictions on Voter Registration, restrictions on College Students, Voter Caging, shortened Early Voting periods, and efforts to avoid sending absentee ballots to military personnel serving overseas.

 Hopefully these issues will receive enough publicity so that they will be brought front-and-center in the nation’s consciousness. Our democracy is being stolen. Don’t let them steal the White House.

 We must organize and focus our energy on insuring that every voter who wants to vote will be able to vote and that each vote will be fairly counted. There is a vast but silent conspiracy to see that this election will be stolen from us.

 You have been warned.